Counting and measuring unit KSD

Specification 3689-006-01719561-2016

Purpose: Pumping, filling/discharging of measured dose of petroleum products are performed with KSD counting and measuring units during sales.

Counting and measuring units are manufactured in several climatic versions: U2 (U means temperate climate, 2 means operation under shelter), UKHL2 (UKHL means boreal climate), UKHL3. (3 means operation in closed areas without heating environment regulation but with natural draught ventilation)

The unit is accompanied with a set of documents confirming compliance of product with all requirements and standards of explosion and fire protection as well as with occupational safety norms.

Counting and measuring unit can operate with petroleum products viscosity of which is within the range between 0.55 cSt to 600 cSt

Arrangement: Manufacturing and assembly of counting and measuring unit are possible in any configuration necessary for customer problem solution.

It is possible to complete units with the following equipment:

Fluid meter,

Remote control panel


Pressure transmitter

Solenoid valve

Gas monitor

Push-button control station

Thermal protective terminal with or without heating

Junction boxes

Steel ball valve

Earthing device

Inverter (frequency converter)

Indicating device

Distribution cubicle for incoming voltage

Interflanged non-return valve



The following versions based on design concept are available:

  • Mobile version (on wheels)

  • Fixed version (on a frame)

  • In panels with heat insulation

  • In panels with heating

  • Version agreed with a customer.

Technical characteristics:



Capacity, m3/h


Delivery head, m


Petroleum product viscosity

0.55-600 cSt

Petroleum product filtration degree (depends on filter type)


Dosage, l

1 — 99 999

Displaying of information (set by operator)

  • volume, l

  • weight, kg

  • density, kg/m3

Operating temperature, C

– 40 …+50

Pressure, MPa


Outer dimensions (changes depending on the desired configuration of the unit)


Weight, kg (changes depending on the desired configuration of the unit)


Lifetime, years



Counting and measuring unit advantages:

Counting and measuring unit is delivered to a customer fully adjusted and ready for operation, Terminal of power and hardware control considerably facilitates mounting of cable lines excluding purchasing of additional switching and protective hardware.

We can deliver fixing kit for mounting of counting and measuring unit in any oil-filling module if customer provides us information on equipment that will be connected.