Floating suction




Floating suction-150 and floating suction-150-3 are intended for discharge of aviation fuel, high-quality oils (food oils as well), settled petroleum products from top layer in a tank (200-250 mm below product innage level). Pipe model floating suction 150-3 is completed with a sampler for layer-to-layer sampling.

Arrangement and operating principle: The pipe is installed inside a tank and consists of a rising pipe pivot, intake pipe, intake fitting and supporting system intended for fixing of intake pipe in certain positions. Two float supports are mounted on the intake fitting. Barrels are also fixed to the intake fitting with clamps. Bottom and side supports are to fasten rising pipe pivot on tank bottom or sidewall. Float consisting of four barrels constantly keeps rising pipe with intake fitting afloat that gives an opportunity to intake petroleum product within the range of 200 to 250 mm below innage level of a tank.

Sampler of the  floating suction-150-3 consists of a manhole hatch equipped with a stiffening plate and a gasket, system of sampling pipes, flexible hoses and control mechanism composed of a cover, on which multichannel hydraulic control valve, pumping system and system of fittings for connection to sampling pipes are installed.





Nominal bore NB, mm


Connecting dimensions, not more than, mm

Center-to-center distance of fixing holes, D1


Fixing holes diameter, d


Amount of fixing holes, pc, n


Operating pressure, not more than, MPa (kg/cm2)

0.6 (6)

Dimensions, not more than, mm


Weight, not more than, kg


Sampler parameters

Nominal bore of sampling pipes, NB, mm


Amount of sampling points


Maximum product viscosity, St


Product temperature (min/max), C


*Technical characteristics of the system may change depending on a tank.

 Floating suctions are manufactured in U (temperate climate) and UKHL (boreal climate) versions of location category I according to GOST 15150-69.  Floating suctions have all necessary documentation and certificates.