Flush bottom tank valve

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Purpose:  Flush bottom tank valve is intended for discharge of petroleum products or gas remains from tanks of cylindrical or sphere-shaped tanks. It is also widely used in water-supply and heating systems as well as in energy systems, which require use of valves capable to withstand above average pressure.

Depending on range of application and data on operating pressure, temperature and corrosion behavior of working fluid submitted by customer we select material for  bottom tank valve gasket and type of connection.

Arrangement and operating principle:  bottom tank valve consists of a body (4), with a valve seat (3) in the top body part and thread with packing (10) in the bottom body part. Valve stem (2) with packing is located in the middle of a bushing. Valve bonnet (6) with bent handle opens to bring the valve in operating condition. It is necessary to keep an eye on air-tightness of releasable joints and valve packing. Before you start operation it is necessary to make sure that location selected for installation meets safety requirements.

Non-freezing drain valve is available in two versions: non-freezing drain valve 50-25 intended for use in temperate climate (from minus 40°C to plus 40°C), and non-freezing drain valve 50-25 UKHL intended for use in boreal climate (from minus 60°C to plus 40 °C).

Technical characteristics:



Nominal diameter (DN), mm


Nominal pressure (PN), kgf/cm2


Working fluid

Non-aggressive petroleum product

Working fluid temperature

from -40C to + 40С

Body material

Steel 25 L


coupling (G 1 1/2« according to GOST 6357-81)

Overall dimensions








4 — 4.5

Design of non-freezing drain valve 50-25

1-valve, 2 — valve stem, 3 — valve seat, 4 – body, 5 — connecting pipe, 6 — valve bonnet, 7 — cover nut, 8 — cover bushing, 9 — sealing, 10 — packing, 11 — nut, 12 — gasket.