Integrating sampler for tanks

 Purpose: Integrating samplers allow aggregate sampling with gravity discharge from different tank levels according to GOST 2517.

Climatic versions: UKHL (boreal climate), U (temperate climate) and Т (tropical climate) according to GOST 15150-69.

Arrangement and operating principle: Pipelines of sampler sections are fixed with coupling joints. Sampling discharge column consists of sections, drain valve and connecting fitting. Skylight, through which sampler sections are installed, is welded to tank cover. 

Diagram of a sampler with perforated pipe*: 1 — receiver, bracket with supports, 3 — section, 4 — system of emergency pipes shut-off, 5 — drain valve, 6 — basement with supports.

*One of sampler hardware versions manufactured on the basis of data input form filled in by each customer individually.

Technical characteristics:




Nominal bore, mm


Product viscosity, not more than, St


Product temperature, C


– 40


+ 80

Hydrostatic pressure in vertical steel tank, not more than, MPa


Height of vertical steel tank sidewall, not more than, m


Weight, not more than, kg


* Parameters depend on characteristics defined by customer.


The following sampler parameters may vary depending on customer demands:

  • Samplers with different numerical value are intended for tanks of different height: PSUR2 is for tanks with 2 meters high sidewalls; PSUR11 is for tanks with 11 meters high sidewalls, etc.

  • Sampling column may be manufactured as perforated pile or it can be equipped with three-way valves.

  • Default sampling interval is 1 meter. It may be changed to other value.

  • Diameter of sampling column may be enlarged for viscous products.

  • Option with installation nozzle.

  • Presence of heating system.

  • Installation through a manhole or welded.