T-type Strainer

Straight Strainer, Straight Basket Strainer, T-type Strainer with Flange, Strainer with Butt Welding Connection

Purpose: T-type strainers are widely used in gasoline stations, petroleum depots, oil producing and oil refining industries as well in many other fields.

Installation of strainer in a pipeline gives an opportunity to perform primary treatment of petroleum products (petroleum, gasoline, diesel fuel) as well as other working fluids filtering mechanical impurities that promotes protection of measuring instruments, valves, pumps and any other instruments, which impose high requirements to purity of working fluids passing through it. That is why the strainers are installed directly in front of such devices.

Quality of fluid (or gas) purification is directly associated with strainer mesh opening diameter. Material used for filter manufacturing is corrosion resistant to the selected fluid.

T-type strainers are available in the following climatic versions: T (tropical climate), U (temperate climate) and UKHL (boreal climate) of location category I according to GOST 15150-69.

Arrangement and operating principle:

T-type strainers may have different designs:

T-type strainers design: 1- Body; 2 – Filter basket; 3 — Gasket; 4 — Cover; 5 — Connection pipe; 6 — Connection pipe.

*One of filter versions manufactured on the basis of data input form filled in by each customer individually.