Tank jet mixing nozzle

Mixing Jet Eductor, Mixing Nozzle, Tank Mixing Eductor; tank jet mixing nozzle; liquid jet mixing nozzle

Specification 3689-004-01719561-2016

Bottom sludge washing-out systems and equipment for stirring of petroleum products in vertical steel tanks are used in enterprises of oil producing, oil refining, oil transporting and food industries, where product during storage can break down and deposition of sediments takes place. Liquid jet mixing nozzle SV-1200 meet all applicable regulatory requirements of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Nuclear Supervision.

Tank jet mixing nozzles are manufactured in several climatic versions for temperate climate, boreal climate or tropical climate; category of location is 1 according to All-Union State Standard 15150-69.

Tank jet mixing nozzles are made on the basis of developments of our Company specialists and protected by the Russian Federation patent. High washing-out efficiency is achieved due to special hydrodynamic configuration of nozzles and outer surface self-cleaning system.

Parameter name Parameter value
SV-1200 SV-1200M (small)
Purpose Bottom sludge washing-out
Use New tanks Repair tanks
Nominal bore, NB, mm 100
Operating pressure, kgf/cm2 5±1.0
Outer dimensions, mm ø 1200х322 ø 580х322
Weight, kg 141.2 77.5